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Aug 28

What Is a Headshot? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

What Is a Headshot? I’ve had several young actors email me recently to ask, “What Is a Headshot?” While I often talk about headshots on my blog and in the emails I send to my subscribers,  I don’t exactly answer the question, “What is a Headshot?” So today I picked “headshot” to be my “Showbiz …

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Nov 30

What is a “CD” as Related to Acting Auditions? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

I am starting a new series called “Showbiz Term of the Day.” Today’s showbiz term of the day is “CD.” Do you know what CD refers to when it is used related to Acting Auditions or Print Auditions? I know I wondered what the term CD meant when I first heard it used when my …

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