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Oct 08

Do You Want (Your Child) to Become an Actor?

Do You Want to Become an Actor ? Have you every really thought about what it is like to become an actor? Whether you are an adult or a child or teen (or the parents of a child or teen), there are so many issues to think about as you contemplate whether this is something …

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Apr 26

When Should You Join Screen Actors Guild When You Are an Actor?

So many actors and parents of child actors seem to be concerned about not being in Screen Actors Guild (SAG)  (See “What is SAG?” and “What Does SAG Stand for?” for more about what SAG is).  They wonder exactly how to join SAG and whether they will be seen for SAG projects if they are …

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Dec 11

What Is SAG? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

You’ve probably heard the showbiz term “SAG” with regards to actors, awards, and projects.  You probably not only wonder what SAG is but probably also wonder “What Does SAG Stand For?” I know “SAG” was one of many terms/acronyms I often heard and wondered about when my daughter and I first came to Los Angeles. …

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Nov 30

What is a “CD” as Related to Acting Auditions? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

I am starting a new series called “Showbiz Term of the Day.” Today’s showbiz term of the day is “CD.” Do you know what CD refers to when it is used related to Acting Auditions or Print Auditions? I know I wondered what the term CD meant when I first heard it used when my …

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Jun 23

Do You Know What Theatrical Acting Auditions Are?

Theatrical Auditions are Acting Auditions for Film/TV

When you hear the term theatrical auditions, what kind of acting auditions do you think that means? You probably think of theatrical as defined by Mirriam-Webster – “of or relating to the theater or the presentation of plays.” So theatrical acting auditions should be auditions for theatre or for a play. Right? I know when …

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