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Sep 10

Is AMTC a Scam?


After my friend and I took our daughters to the AMTC auditions, we wondered, “Is AMTC a Scam?” My friend and I suspected that everyone at the auditions got callbacks, since both of our daughters and another girl we knew got callbacks. Also, we were surprised at the high prices to attend the convention.  So …

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May 12

How Do You Prepare for Talent Contests such as AMTC?

When we decided to participate in one of the big talent contests known as AMTC, we felt a combination of excitement and fear. We were excited about attending, but at the same time, we were not 100% convinced we were doing the right thing. And we’d paid quite a bit of money for it. If …

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Apr 24

What Is AMTC?

At the time that my daughter and I attended AMTC (January 2003), AMTC stood for American Modeling and Talent Convention.  It seemed that many people were often unsure about what the letters actually stood for. I always wondered why it was called American rather than International or World, since it is international and not just …

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Apr 17

Should Your Child Attend Talent Contests?


When we began looking into an acting career for our daughter, we saw information about talent contests and wondered if we should sign her up for one. I was frustrated that I could not figure out how to get my daughter into modeling or acting, and I thought talent contests might be our answer. I …

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