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Oct 23

What Do Talent Agents Look for in a Child?

Talent Agents If you are considering starting a showbiz career for your child, you are probably wondering what talent agents look for in a child. Talent agents meet and interview many children, but they only choose a small number of those they see to be their clients. How can you be sure that talent agents …

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May 11

What Happens During Interviews with Talent Agencies?

Interviews with Talent Agencies It is common for child actors and parents to wonder about what happens during interviews with talent agencies. Interviews with talent agencies can be stressful for both the parents and the children. It is certainly quite helpful to know what to expect before you arrive at a talent agency interview. Neither you …

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Sep 14

How Much Do Talent Agents Make?

It seems that a lot of people have asked me lately, “How much do talent agents make?” When we first began our journey into acting, it was hard to get a handle on how the entertainment business operates. We wondered who does what and who gets paid and by whom. There are so many different …

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Mar 20

What Do Talent Agents Do?

It took me quite a while before I really understood the roles of various people involved in show business careers.  I was too embarrassed to just come out and ask about it, so I stumbled along without really knowing what was going on and trusting that the right things were happening. Looking back, I realize …

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Mar 18

How Do You Prepare Your Child for Interviews with Talent Agencies?

When my daughter first interviewed with talent agencies for representation, we really did not do anything to prepare her.  She already had a talent manager, and he told me to dress her in something cute and to tell her to be herself. My daughter was not quite seven years old when we were looking at …

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