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Jul 02

What Can You Learn from the Michael Jackson Life Story?

Someone put a comment on my blog asking if I was going to post about Michael Jackson’s death. I hadn’t planned to, but my husband and I just watched a show about the Michael Jackson life story with an in-depth interview of Michael Jackson. As I watched Michael Jackson being interviewed about his early life …

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Jan 30

What Are Your Responsibilities as the Parent of a Child Actor?

Do you really know what your responsibilities as the parent of a child actor are? Being the parent of a child actor is not an easy job.  It requires a huge amount of effort on the part of the parent or parents.  At times, it can be as time-consuming as a full-time job. I talked …

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Nov 23

What Makes a Good Stage Parent?

Unfortunately, the name stage parent or stage mom has been given a bad rap. We all picture the crazy mom, forcing a child to do something he or she does not want to do and then yelling at and belittling him or her when the performance is not perfect. When I use the terms stage …

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Nov 13

Parents, Do You Have the Flexibility Needed for Your Child’s Acting Career?

Do you have a flexible schedule to accommodate the demands of your child’s acting career? Once when my daughter got a last-minute audition, I was in the laundry room in our apartment complex moving half-washed clothes from a broken washer to a working one. I’d forgotten my cell phone, so I missed several calls from …

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Nov 10

Parents, Do You Really Want to Do This?

Parents, do you really want to help your child pursue a career in acting or modeling? A big factor in deciding on an acting or modeling career for your child is how you, the parents, feel about the role you play in this great adventure. It entails a huge amount of work for you. I …

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