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Sep 10

What Is the CHSPE (Showbiz Term of the Day)?


What Is the CHSPE ? Don’t you hate it when everyone uses acronyms, like CHSPE, and you don’t know what they mean?  I know I do. In this particular case, the term CHSPE is not uniquely a showbiz term (view showbiz terms in my “Showbiz Term of the Day” posts).   In fact, the CHSPE …

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Aug 28

What Is a Headshot? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

What Is a Headshot? I’ve had several young actors email me recently to ask, “What Is a Headshot?” While I often talk about headshots on my blog and in the emails I send to my subscribers,  I don’t exactly answer the question, “What is a Headshot?” So today I picked “headshot” to be my “Showbiz …

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Jun 23

What Is Episodic Season? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

Episodic Season (Showbiz Term of the Day) One of the major casting and filming seasons of the year in the entertainment industry is episodic season.  The other is pilot season (see “When Is Pilot Season in Los Angeles?” and “What Is Pilot Season? (Showbiz Term of the Day)” for more on pilot season). The peak …

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Nov 01

What Are Residuals as Related to SAG Acting Jobs? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

SAG Acting Jobs — Residuals When an actor has SAG Acting Jobs, the term residuals is an important topic to understand. When actors work on movies or television shows under SAG (or AFTRA/ACTRA) agreements, they may receive residuals for those SAG acting jobs (or AFTRA/ACTRA) for many years to come. Residuals, as related to SAG Acting Jobs, is today’s Showbiz Term of the …

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Jul 25

What is an Open Call When Referring to Auditions (Showbiz Term of the Day)?

When we talk about acting and modeling auditions, it is important to know what it means if the audition is an Open Call. Today’s Showbiz Term of the Day is “Open Call.” My daughter went to Open Calls a couple of times for shows such as America’s Most Talented Kid before we moved to LA. …

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