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Apr 09

Did the SAG and AFTRA Unions Merge?

SAG and AFTRA have existed for many years as two separate actors’ unions. Serious discussions concerning merging SAG and AFTRA back into a single union have been going on since April 2010.  (Refer to “What Is SAG (Showbiz Term)?” for more information on SAG.) As a parent of a member of SAG, I have tried …

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Nov 01

What Are Residuals as Related to SAG Acting Jobs? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

SAG Acting Jobs — Residuals When an actor has SAG Acting Jobs, the term residuals is an important topic to understand. When actors work on movies or television shows under SAG (or AFTRA/ACTRA) agreements, they may receive residuals for those SAG acting jobs (or AFTRA/ACTRA) for many years to come. Residuals, as related to SAG Acting Jobs, is today’s Showbiz Term of the …

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Apr 26

When Should You Join Screen Actors Guild When You Are an Actor?

So many actors and parents of child actors seem to be concerned about not being in Screen Actors Guild (SAG)  (See “What is SAG?” and “What Does SAG Stand for?” for more about what SAG is).  They wonder exactly how to join SAG and whether they will be seen for SAG projects if they are …

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Dec 11

What Is SAG? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

You’ve probably heard the showbiz term “SAG” with regards to actors, awards, and projects.  You probably not only wonder what SAG is but probably also wonder “What Does SAG Stand For?” I know “SAG” was one of many terms/acronyms I often heard and wondered about when my daughter and I first came to Los Angeles. …

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Jun 13

Has the SAG Strike Threat Finally Been Put to Rest?

We were all holding our breath as we waited to hear whether the SAG Strike has been averted. The commercial contract was passed not too long ago. Though some were not entirely thrilled with the outcome, including Alan Rosenberg, the SAG President, most SAG members were happy about it or at least relieved by it.  …

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