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Feb 24

When Are the Oscars 2012?

When Are the Oscars ? In case you are wondering “When are the Oscars 2012?” — The Oscars are being held in Hollywood this Sunday, February 26, 2012. The Hollywood area is bustling with excitement as it sets up for this prestigious ceremony to honor the best actors, directors, movies, and all involved in the …

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Feb 14

When Is Pilot Season in Los Angeles?

Pilot Season in Los Angeles Pilot season is going on right now in Los Angeles¬† (sort of — keep reading for some caveats). With the economy down and other changes that have occurred in the television industry, pilot season is not quite the same as it used to be, though.

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Mar 29

Are You Ready to Brave the Los Angeles Traffic?

Los Angeles Traffic (Rand-McNally Thomas Guide for Los Angeles)

When my daughter and I arrived in Los Angeles, I was definitely not ready for the Los Angeles traffic. Having spent most of my life in the rural Southeast, I was not accustomed to heavy traffic. It was the end of our first week in L.A., and we were staying in a hotel in Burbank. …

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Mar 16

Will You Like Driving Your Child to Acting Auditions?

How do you think you’ll like driving your child to acting auditions? Do you enjoy driving? Does driving in traffic stress you out? When my daughter first started auditioning, I had no idea how much driving I would be doing.¬† While we lived in the Southeast, we often drove 1 to 3 hours each way …

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