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Aug 28

What Is a Headshot? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

What Is a Headshot? I’ve had several young actors email me recently to ask, “What Is a Headshot?” While I often talk about headshots on my blog and in the emails I send to my subscribers,  I don’t exactly answer the question, “What is a Headshot?” So today I picked “headshot” to be my “Showbiz …

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Mar 15

How Often Does Your Child Need Headshots?

The question “How Often Does My Child Need Headshots?” is a common question asked by parents of young actors. It is also on my mind right now because my child needs new headshots. My daughter has had new headshots taken on average about every two years since she started acting. This is probably a little …

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Mar 13

Does Your Child Need Professional Headshots?

The question “Does my child need professional headshots?” is one that many parents ask when their child begins an acting career. When we first considered pursuing acting for my daughter 11 years ago, I didn’t even know what a headshot was, much less whether she needed professional headshots! I bought a book about acting for …

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