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Oct 03

If Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel, What Should You Do?

Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel – Having a child who wants to be on Disney Channel is not unusual — many children want to be on Disney Channel.  And the thought of your child being on Disney Channel is probably pleasurable to you. However, it is important to determine how serious your …

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Jun 10

What Do Casting Directors Look for in Disney Channel Auditions?

Just about all children and teens seem interested in Disney Channel auditions. They may not be actors or singers or dancers or even be interested in being actors or singers or dancers, but they still really want to be on Disney Channel. You may be wondering how casting directors decide who to invite in for …

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Apr 27

How Do You Get Disney Acting Auditions?

Disney Acting Auditions I frequently hear children asking about how to get Disney acting auditions. Many children, teens, and young adults are interested in being on the Disney Channel or in a Disney movie, and they want it to happen right now. And while it would be nice to just show up at a Disney …

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Mar 25

How Do You Become a Disney Channel Actress?

If your child really does want to become a Disney Channel actress or become a Disney Channel actor, help them to keep that dream alive by having them develop skills and do things that could actually help them achieve that goal.

Feb 11

How Do You Get Auditions for Disney Channel?

A very common question young actors and their parents often ask is:  “How do you get auditions for Disney Channel?” For three years, my daughter was in a comedy and improv group called Giggle Gaggle. They had class and put on shows each week. Not only was it fun, but it was great experience and …

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