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Oct 08

Do You Want (Your Child) to Become an Actor?

Do You Want to Become an Actor ? Have you every really thought about what it is like to become an actor? Whether you are an adult or a child or teen (or the parents of a child or teen), there are so many issues to think about as you contemplate whether this is something …

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Nov 07

What Information Goes on a Child Actor Resume?

Child Actor Resume – If your child is an actor, something you have to think about is what to put on the actor resume for that child. It may seem strange to think about creating a resume for a child, especially for a young child. But when a child is trying to get a job …

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Aug 26

What Benefits Do You Get When You Become a Child Actor?

There Are Many Benefits When You Become a Child Actor It always seems much easier for everyone to see negative effects rather than paying attention to the benefits you get when you become a child actor. Instead of looking at the benefits achieved when you become a child actor, people tend to concentrate on all …

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Jul 18

Do You Need to Move to Los Angeles if Your Child Wants to Become a Child Actor?

Moving to Los Angeles  for Your Child to Become a Child Actor I’ve previously talked about the topic of moving to Los Angeles for your child to become a child actor (see “Should You Move to Los Angeles for Your Child to Become a Child Actor?“, “Will You Miss Your Family If You Move to …

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Sep 24

How Can You Become a Child Actor When You Have So Much Homework?

If you want to become a child actor, you need to spend many hours working on your career. It is hard to have time to do what you need to do to become a child actor (i.e., acting classes, coaching, rehearsing, auditions) when you have to go to school and do homework each day. When …

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