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Oct 03

If Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel, What Should You Do?

Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel – Having a child who wants to be on Disney Channel is not unusual — many children want to be on Disney Channel.  And the thought of your child being on Disney Channel is probably pleasurable to you. However, it is important to determine how serious your …

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Jun 21

What Happens When Your Child Actor Auditions?

Child Actor Auditions – So many times, I took my daughter to auditions and then wondered about exactly what happened in the audition room while she was in there.  How can you really know what happens when your child actor auditions? (Technorati: HHM5YUTKMSEY) If you are like me, you wish you could be a fly …

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Apr 15

What Is a Callback After an Acting Audition? (Showbiz Term of the Day)

Acting Audition Callback

There is a chance that your child will get “a callback” after an acting audition if that acting audition goes well and your child is right for the part. When your child gets a callback for an acting audition for the very first time, you may not know exactly what that means. My daughter got …

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Nov 19

How Do You Create Videos of Acting Auditions to Submit to Casting Directors?

My daughter just got an audition request from a casting director where the acting auditions must be submitted on video. This is for a theatrical audition (see “Do You Know What Theatrical Acting Auditions Are”  for more on this topic)  for a feature film. We’ve created a number of videos of acting auditions since we’ve …

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Jun 29

Who Gets the Breakdowns for Acting Auditions for Big Movie and TV Roles?

Acting Auditions

Yet another thing I was confused about after I came to Los Angeles was the term breakdowns.  When my daughter’s manager called to tell us about her acting auditions, often he’d say he was reading the description of the character from the breakdown. The only breakdowns I’d heard about before that were those related to …

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