The Actor’s Journey

“Jump-Start Your Child’s Acting Career Without Spending A Fortune!”

“Get Invaluable Tips and Advice from
Over 100 Entertainment Industry Professionals
and Help Your Child Become a Successful Working Actor!”


Dear Moms & Dads of Child Actors:

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to start your child’s show business career without spending a fortune?

Are you afraid of becoming a victim of the latest scams and dangers that are common in the entertainment industry today?

Are you wondering what you should spend money on when it comes to starting an acting career?

If so, you are not alone…

I’ve seen many people spend thousands of dollars to take part in acting conventions and competitions that often yield no results. I’ve seen people spend thousands up front for poor acting classes and programs. Again, no results.

Yet, you KNOW that it’s possible to be successful as a child actor because you see so many child actors every time you turn the television on.  How did THEY become successful?

Here’s your chance to learn the “nitty-gritty” facts about the “Business of Show Business” right from the people who were successful child actors!

This One-Of-A-Kind DVD Course was created by those most uniquely qualified to guide you: former child actors, current child actors, parents of child actors, and other industry professionals. They share with you what it is really like and what it really takes to become a successful child actor.

Stanley Livingston, a former child actor best known for his role as Chip‘ on My Three Sons, a popular sitcom of the 1960’s and 70’s, created this course for parents just like you!  Today Stanley is a successful Producer and Director in Hollywood, and he works with parents of child actors all the time, so he knows the business like no one else!

The information presented in The Actor’s Journey for Kids can help direct your journey into acting by providing insight and valuable tips that give you a competitive edge as you pursue a career for your child in the entertainment industry today.

Your child can become a child actor in today’s highly competitive Show Business Industry.  You’ll have all the secrets and guidance you need to make sure your child is on the path to success!

The Complete 5-DVD set will help you:

  • Understand what it really means to be a child actor.

  • Understand the pros and cons for your child, for you, and for your family as you pursue a show business career.

  • Determine if your child is right for show business.

  • Understand what your role as the parent of a child actor really is.

  • Avoid scams and pitfalls and keep your child and family safe as you pursue a show business career.

  • Understand why starting an acting career locally is a good idea and how to go about it.

  • Understand the role of industry professionals such as talent agents and talent managers.

  • Understand what ‘tools’ your child needs to start their acting career and what the costs of those items are.

  • Understand why taking acting classes is so important and how to find good acting classes for your child.

  • Understand what it is like to audition and what it is like on the set when you have an acting job.

  • Understand acting terminology.

  • Understand about the actor’s unions and when and how to join them.

  • Deal with the rejection in show business and help your child deal with the rejection.

  • Know when it is time for your child to get out of show business.

  • Keep your child on the right track as you pursue an acting career.

As a Producer and Director, Stanley created these DVDs professionally so that you’ll get a high-quality viewing experience.  You’ll not only hear from Stanley himself, you’ll get great advice from other experts, including:

  • Melissa Gilbert‘Laura’ on “Little House on the Prairie” and former Screen Actors Guild president

  • Henry Winkler‘The Fonz’ on “Happy Days” and now a Hollywood producer and director

  • Tony Dow – ‘Wally’ on “Leave It to Beaver”

  • Clint Howard –  ‘Mark’ on Gentle Ben”

  • Brandon Cruz – ‘Eddie’ on “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”


By the time you complete this course, you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of how this very complex and elusive entertainment industry works and what it will take for your child to become a child actor!

Get The Actor’s Journey Guidebook (valued at $27) as a FREE bonus when you reserve your copy of The Actor’s Journey for Kids right now. This how-to guidebook provides practical steps, tips, and resources to help you and your child get started in the entertainment industry.

(Send an email to after your purchase providing me your purchase information, and I’ll send the Guidebook to you.)

The Actor’s Journey for Kids is designed to help you help your child succeed while at the same time keeping them grounded and happy as they venture into the world of show business!

YES!  Send Me My Copy of



Now Only $159.00




IF YOU ARE YOU SEEKING WORK as a PROFESSIONAL ACTOR, you may be able to deduct these incredible educational DVD Sets as a BUSINESS EXPENSE! Consult your Tax Advisor.

Actual results from this course will vary based on your child’s talent, looks, and luck. Remember there are no guarantees in show business.

Copyright © The Actor’s Journey for Kids • All Rights Reserved


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  1. Danielle

    wow dearrr

  2. Chris@buy tent

    Please Help.. How can i become Bollywood actor like SRK ,Aamir khan..Which course is referred to become an act?



  4. mylee tisdale

    i really want to learn how to act 😡

  5. jad kahaleh

    my dream is to be an actor so plz help me to pass it and to get that audition on disney channel

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    Hello there, I found your web site by means of Google whilst looking for a related topic, your site got here up, it seems to be good. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  7. Jevaughn Hines

    I know how to act I just want to know how go start my career 😥


    i got a call back on my very first audition yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  9. Gabrielle

    I am a 13 year old girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. I’m serous of becoming an actress and a singing (I take lessons).I also play the side flute, the piano and in the process of learn to play the guitar. I was in a lot of plays and I sing at church & parties. I try my best and I never give up. This would mean a lot to me!! Please Email me …

  10. Rachel

    Hi I am 6 years old have brown hair and hazel eyes and I really want to be an actor. How do I get noticed and what should I do to become an actor. How can you get the needed experience to get good parts in movies and tv shows?
    please email me. 😉

  11. Rachel

    Sorry came up as my age as 6 I am 16 not 6 as stated above. I really want to b an actor.
    I live in Australia what kinds of things can I do to have the best chance a having an acting career.
    Please email me.

  12. Rachel

    Is there any tv shows and movies and places to look for auditions in Australia that are reliable and that you dont have to go to LA for. So I can get some experience.
    Where is the best place to get a headshot and an agent and one that is reliable.
    I am 16.
    please email me.


  13. Debbie Sikkema

    Hi Rachel,
    I wish I knew more about the entertainment industry in Australia! I am afraid I can’t offer much help specific to you there. I am assuming you can search online and on boards and forums still and see what you find out about local agencies and other resources. It never hurts to ask and see if anyone replies. I am sure there are still local and community theatre companies nearby and acting classes that you can participate in and probably some schools where student films are made, and you can still seek these out to get experience and training. I’m sure there are local modeling and acting jobs. Look for people involved in the entertainment industry near where you are and ask them for advice. I hope you find what you need. Good luck! –Debbie

  14. kristen m

    hi, I was wondering what website or applications can i go to or get inorder to sign up for acting audditions? Im having problems finding roles open for my age sense im under the age 18.
    ive taken acting class here in highschool and plan on continuing to do so for the next 2 years so id figure i can give it a shot sense i already know much about it.
    please do help if you can, it would mean alot :]

  15. kristen m

    Also, if you know any details about a role for a tall (5’8) blonde, big blue eyes, blond hair, artist (drawing/painting), and good for comedy then email me as well. I have no idea what I am going to do for my future and if I could chose to have a good career that i enjoy, i would definetly chose acting.
    anain pleas help if you can :]

  16. Francesca P.

    😛 😉

    I really wanna become an actress. Im into these list of movies:
    Action, and Drama. The movies i like on Disney Channel are Shake It Up and more but mostly Shake It Up

  17. Destiny

    😐 All my life I always wonted tO be a singer or Disney actor all my life I been acting and singing I am hoping for it to come True I wen to a adtition and I Passed it but they wanted thousands I dollars and my dad said no and it broke my hart I want to be a singer and actress so bad:/

  18. Destiny


  19. hunter ryan

    i really want to become an actor i am a girl and i have brown eyes and brown hair my sister wants to also be a actor we have be in many plays we just dont know how to get started 🙁

  20. natasha nemeth

    hi i really want to be a actor i have been i plays and i love to sing :mrgreen: but there is just one problem 🙁 were do i start ❓ 🙁 🙁 🙁 …………………………………….

  21. hunter ryan

    i have read so many of things and they are really sad beause the have the talent but they dont get a chance because of money and thats not FAIR so coment if you think its not fair and could somebody tell me were i can adtition 🙄

  22. lyric

    hi im lyric im would love to a singer and actor in hollywood its my dream i have a certificate from barbizion saying i passed for singing but i would love to act as well please contact me a.s.a.p please and thank you

  23. Hannah

    Hey im hannah and im 13 i have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes i always dreamed of being and actress and im trying to make my dream come true please email me:) thanks.

  24. June@Shop Sherri Hill Dresses

    Thank you for the info. What parents should understand is every child cannot become an actor or actress. We all loved to dance, sing, act in-front of an audience when we were small. But how many of us got succeed in this field as a career? My advice is try to find an agency, A real one. Do not fall in to traps. If there is an acting school or something related to that it is better to get involve.

  25. Debbie Sikkema

    Hi June,
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Yes, it is best to get a good talent agent when you are trying to pursue a showbiz career. So many kids have the dream to be on Disney Channel, but many don’t have the opportunity for various reasons. It is not an easy thing to do, and parents and children both have to put a huge amount of effort and make so many sacrifices to do it.

  26. mikayla

    i really want to become a actor i pray

  27. Briana Clegg

    Hi (: I am a 14 year old girl, I’m 5’4”, I have light brown hair, and hazel eyes. Now that you have and idea of what I look like, I would like to know if I have the “look” to be on any show. I’m not asking to all of a sudden put me on TV, but I would like to know if you could help me get started (: I’ve called into one of those Disney channel castings that I heard on the radio and it was all a scam. They ask you to pay thousands and thousands of dollars and then they rip you off by keeping your money and not giving you anything in return for all if the money you payed them. I really don’t want that to happen to me, so can you please help me by giving me real info about castings?
    Thank you,
    Briana Clegg

  28. rachelle

    i really want to be a disney star like kaitlyn maher my dream is to become a disney star.

  29. gabby

    hi I am gabby I want to be an actor I have thought of being on tv a long time I am brown age 8 black hair hazel eyes I also want to be a singer I have a pretty voice 1 brother 2 parents

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