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If Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel, What Should You Do?

Your Child Wants to Be On Disney Channel –

Having a child who wants to be on Disney Channel is not unusual — many children want to be on Disney Channel.  And the thought of your child being on Disney Channel is probably pleasurable to you. However, it is important to determine how serious your child really is about it.

Most children want to be on Disney Channel because of how much they enjoy the Disney television shows and movies. Many young children grow up with Disney being a big part of their lives. They may even feel like they know the characters on the shows personally. So of course they dream of being on Disney Channel and meeting the characters they know and love.

Other children enjoy the shows as well, but are also willing to do whatever it takes to actually be on Disney Channel.  These children love to act, sing, and dance and enjoy performing for other people. They are willing to work hard in order to achieve their dream — to be on Disney Channel.

Even though it may be quite fun, being on Disney Channel (or in any show, movie, or play) is also hard work!

It is not easy to get into most Disney Channel auditions — or auditions for any TV or film acting role, for that matter. For more information on how to get Disney Channel auditions, check out “How Do You Get Disney Acting Auditions (so You Can Be On Disney Channel)?

We have a good friend who recently landed a series-regular role in a Disney Channel show. He is thrilled to have this role, but he spends many hours nearly every day on the set working. He does not have much time to do the things that kids often do — hang out with friends, watch TV, go to the mall… He stays very busy, but he also loves it!

So a child really has to be totally dedicated to be on Disney Channel!

So, if you’ve determined that your child really loves to act, sing, and dance and is good at one or all of these things and is willing to work hard, what can you do to help your child achieve this dream?

If Your Child Wants to Be on Disney Channel What Should You Do?

If your child wants to be on Disney Channel you first need to:

  1. Make sure your child understands that while acting can be fun and entertaining, it can also be tiring and stressful. Before you proceed any further, it is important that your child knows exactly what will be expected of them as an actor and what they will need to do if they want to try to be on Disney Channel.
  2. Find a good acting class or acting coach. Before you even take your child to an audition, you may want a coach to help prepare your child for auditions. Disney is a popular business, and when choosing their performers they want only the best.  So it is important that your child be well prepared for a Disney audition. A coach or class can help with this.

Acting Coaches

You can find acting coaches just about anywhere, but you need to be careful when selecting a coach to be sure you get the best coach for your child. Be sure to ask a prospective coach questions to make sure he or she is the right person to help your child and has a personality that is a good match for your child. If Disney is your child’s goal, then finding a coach with Disney experience might be helpful.

You should make sure that the coach is qualified to teach acting and experienced in working with children. Check into their background and qualifications. Ask other people for opinions about the coach. Your child’s safety is important, so you should always be cautious when letting your child work with someone you don’t know.

It is also a good idea to ask other people for recommendations for coaches and acting classes. Even though no one coach is right for everyone, if someone recommends a coach, add that coach to your list of possible coaches.

When it comes to getting a good acting coach for your child, you might have to spend a little extra money, but it will pay off if your child is able to get into Disney Channel auditions and especially if your child lands a role with Disney.

Disney Auditions

If the coach feels your child is ready to audition, then you can begin looking for Disney auditions near you. Depending on the roles your child wants to audition for, there may be times when you will have to travel a long way to an audition.   Going to auditions typically takes up a lot of time and can be draining from start to end.

Video-taped Auditions

If you are lucky, such as with the Shake It Up Dance Contest that Disney recently held, you may be able to create and submit an audition video to be considered for a role. When submitting an audition video, you need to make sure that the quality of it is good enough to show what your child can do. For more tips on creating audition videos, see “How Do You Create Videos of Acting Auditions to Submit to Casting Directors?

Open Auditions

Some Disney Channel auditions are worldwide, and these open auditions may occur several times throughout the year in various locations.  If you happen to miss one, don’t worry. There will certainly be more in the near future.

If your child goes to one of the open Disney auditions, just remember that you will probably have a long wait. Go early, and be patient. And when your child’s turn finally comes, remember it is important for your child to be energetic, happy, and confident during the audition.  Personality is very important.

With all the new television shows and movies that are coming out on a regular basis, there are always good possibilities for more auditions. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities, and when you see an opportunity, don’t wait to take action.

Keep your child in acting classes or coaching so he or she will continue to grow as an actor. This will increase your child’s chances of getting into Disney Channel auditions and increase your child’s chances of getting a role with Disney. The more auditions your child has, the better your child’s chances are of obtaining a role in a television show.

Remember, as always, that the best way to get Disney auditions or other TV and film auditions is through a good talent agent. For more on talent agents, see “What Do Talent Agents Do?

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To your success,

Debbie Sikkema




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  1. Rae Ann Eisenman

    well i very well dedicated to being on disney all i need is and agent and classes but im fine without but if thats what it will take to be on disney channel then ill get that disney if my life. my life is built around disney and i will honestly put every streangth in my body and all my effort to be on there..

    im 13 years old and this is something i really want to do no matter how stressful or tiring it is ill do it ill make every moment count and last and i will try my hardest at this is something that is very serious to me and every day i watch disney and i imagine myself on the saying “Hi I’m Rae Eisenman and im from Jessie and you’re watching Disney Channel” then drawing the icon for Disney the Mickey Mouse head now that is what my dream is to do..

    Disney has made a big impact on my life it really means the world to me :mrgreen: and one day im pretty sure ill get there. I always look for auditions but i dont know if there a scam or what not soo i just sign up and i hope this right here is my chance to be on Disney and im pretty sure and imm going to sign up for an actting class in a while but yes if that means i have to get and agent and classes to be on Diseny Channel then thats exactly what ill do but PLEASE let this be for me my big oppritunity to be on Disney Channel i am soo ready for this and i am soo decicated to this and i am willing to do anything for this oppritunity but just PLEASE let this be it!!!!!

    thank you and i hope to hear back for you guys e-mail me! BYE, BONJOUR, ADIOS, ALOHA..!!!!!!!!!! HAHA

  2. Ethan Gutierrez

    Hi I am Ethan I will like to be on Disney channel I am 9 and I love Disney I like to play video games and mostly I like to here music so please pick me to join Disney channel

  3. Azariah

    Hi my name is Azariah. i enjoy acting modelling and singing.i am 13 years old,i like to listen to music a lot and i mostly watch TV during my spare time.I hope you will pick me because i like to get my task done as well as i can.

  4. Carly

    Hi I’m Carly and I woul love nothing more than having an opportunity to work with Disney ! All the actors on the show do an amazing job and are all so inspiring keep up the great work 🙂

  5. brionna

    hi im brionna toliver people say that i belong on disney they say im a good actor singer and ect so i hope that i get the opportuniy to see and be on disney

  6. Emily Leczynski

    oi meu nome é emily eu gosto muito da disney e des de pequena sonho ser atris , mas sei que nao é facil por isso ja fiz varios cursos de ingles , de atris, de canto e de dança, tudo para realizar meu sonho, e agora com 13 anos e bem preparada esto confiante, e quero entrar para disney.

  7. Chanel taylor walcott

    Hi am chanel taylor walcott i love to act and love doing a bit of modililng i have taken part in various catwalks and i love to sing lots of diseny songs i loved the new let it shine film i love to be confident and have fun and show im having a good time im 10 years old and want to have fun x

  8. Emilymedina

    I always wanted to be a actor and now I can

  9. kesha miller

    Hello my daughter would also love to be an actor gor the disney channel.She tunes I n gor every show every day and she recites all the lines from most of the characters on various shows. She is five years old and she definitely is the acting type, even when she is not watching tv she is reciting the lines of her favorite characters and she loves her some Hey Jessie! Please can I have some info on what’s the best step I can take for her.

  10. Robyn

    Hey, my name is Robyn, im 12 years old (almost 13) i love to act and my dream is to be on disney, i watch it all the time and i love all the actors and actresses on the shows, i think disney is the best channel there is and i would love to be on it. thanks for reading.

  11. Daniel Knight

    hi, my name is Daniel i am 13 years old almost 14, i have been watching Disney channel for a long time and it would mean the world to me to be on it. i think it is one off the best channel and all the young actors inspire me.

  12. jacqueline hernandez miranda

    hi my name is jacqueline i live in las vegas and im 12 years old i practice acting in my room with my cuzin she tells me what to do and now im getting much better it has been my dream since i was little to be on Disney channel if you pick me it will prove to my family i could be someone in my life pleas pick me.

  13. Nekyia Francis

    Hi my name is Ne’kyia Francis and I would like the chance to be on Disney Channel. I love all the Disney Shows and have always dreamed of being in one. I am 15 and currently taking an acting course with Deloris Madison and I was able to have a role in her stage play IMA KEEP IT REAL WITH YOU. Now we are beginning a Sitcom that is going to TV soon. In Texas on Channel 28.4 TV SHOW its a SPIRITUAL Channel. Anyone may view IMA KEEP IT REAL WITH YOU on Youtube under Deloris Madison Productions. I am also doing some modeling from Framesi. Along with my acting, modeling, and singing career I have hobbies and I am in the tenth grade and made varsity cheerleader. I am so happy with my life, but I would love to have a chance on Disney Channel. I also write my own music and dance. Soon my family and I are going to be taking a trip to Los Angelo’s in July. Please contact my email (francisq2@yahoo.com) if you have any information. Thank you.

  14. Jaynesha white

    Hi i`m jaynesha white. It would be a honor to work with you guys. Everyone who plays on Disney channel does a awesome job. I also want to be on of the people who does an awesome job. My number is 7064647210 thank you

  15. juan torres

    hi my name is juan and i always looked for web sites and i foud this one and i love it i act for about 4 years and i want to be a actor

  16. juan torres


  17. Iohanis Ruiz

    My name is Iohanis Nyshel Ruiz, I am 7 years old I live in Baltimore Maryland. I am an A+ student who will like an opportunity to be part of this big dream ( Disney) since I was 3 years old. I have a great memory and good retention skills. I love to dance, sing, write stories, and I am a great reader. My mom let me behind since I was 2 months old, my parents divorced and my father is in Tampa Fl. With another life and family. I have been raised by my grand parents, whom has showed me many values in my life. My biggest dream is to be part of your team. I have taken dancing clases and they included some ballet as we’ll . At the present time I just started taking guitar lessons, so I could accompany myself while I’m singing. I have not done any acting, but I am very smart, so I know it will not be difficult for me at all. I also knows how to use a Computer, IPad, and my tablet. Reading is one of my favorite things to do at home. Could you please give me give me the opportunity to share my skill and who I am.
    Iohania Ruiz

  18. abigail olalere

    Hi Debbie I would like to thank you because I got an audition with Disney channel I got actcepted and I am taking classes for my agent so thanks for your advice.

    sincerely Abigail.

  19. Drayden

    Hi I’m Drayden Robertson I’m 12 years old I’m the middle kid if 5 I live with my mom and 1 of my sisters my mom works a lot to support me and my sister.
    I have watched Disney Channel my hole life and i can act and I think I’m very good I have been in a lot of school plays. But I would like to help to support my mom dad step mom my step brother step sister and my to 1/2 sisters. But mostly I would love to wake up know that I’m doing some think that I love doing and that I’m making people happy with the stuff that they watched and love and me knowing that I was abort of that would bring joy to me everyday.

    Thank you for your time -Drayden

  20. tyler reid

    Hey im Tyler and im 14 ive been wanting to be on disney channel for ever but never had the guts to ask but now that im older I wonder if it would be possible if I could be a disney channel actor I can sing but not really dance and I can act so please at least give me a chance

  21. Lizbeth Ceballos

    Hi I’m Lizbeth I im 11years old and I’d really like to be on Disney Channel. It is my dream to be an actress. And Disney Channel would be a good start for me and I would be more than happy if you picked me to be an actress. Thank you for reading my message and I hope you will accept me.

  22. Savannah R.

    Hello My name is Savannah I am nine years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have always had a acting bone in my body and i want to let it shine. I have been taking chorus latley and love it really enjojy singing its my passion and im told im very good at it. I love to dance, i have been dancing for about 5 years. I have done ballet for 5 years. Jazz for 2 years flimanco for 1 year and just have done alot of more things for my whole life. My true dancing skill is ballet. I dance whenever i have a chance too. Its my passion i have been in quite many recitels for ballet and jazz. I also have a passion for acting! I always have loved to act. Of course my favorite movie is grease singing acting and dancing all together. I act whenever i have a chance to act. I am the up beet happy one in my family. I always have something postive to say please again contact me by email Please bless your heart for reading this and help my dream come true thank you!

  23. frances benton

    Hi im frances im 11 years old I really want to become a singer and I think disney will help me with that.I always wanted to be a singer because disney inspired me so that was my dream to be a singer and be a actress on disney.

  24. Daija vargas

    I’m 10 years old and my name is Daija and I would love to be an actress

  25. zykevia

    hey i’m zy’kevia and i would love to be a actor it is a dream come true for me and my sister she would like to be a actor. one day i hope i can be on disney with my sister and have our own show or be on jessie to be the new kids. thank you p.s i had to use mom email don’t have one.

  26. zykevia

    hey i’m zy’kevia and i would love to be a actor it is a dream come true for me and my sister she would like to be a actor. one day i hope i can be on disney with my sister and have our own show or be on jessie to be the new kids. thank you p.s i had to use mom email don’t have one. also im 9

  27. Michelle sanchez

    Hi im Michelle Sánchez i am 12 years cold and that will be my dream i’ve always wanted to be in a casting i have really good talents such as singing and dancing if you show me that is my dream since i was born i have read and heard about castings i wanted to learn more about it. I have black hair, and black eyes thank you so much

  28. Ava McKay

    Hi my name is Ava McKay and I would love to be on the Disney Chanel because it is my dream to be an actor and I love watching Disney Chanel’s. Thank you

  29. Ava McKay

    Hi my name is Ava McKay Im 10 years old and I love to be on the Disney Chanel thank you

  30. Amiyah Dupont

    Hi my name is Amiyah Dupont and i am 12 and a half years old and i would love to become a actor on Disney channel cause for one i love the channel so so so so much and i hope to become a famous singer off the show to like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus and more so please please pick me to be on Disney.

  31. dylan cabrillo

    hi my name is Dylan Cabrillo and i would love to be on Disney channel show girl meets world Austin and ally or kc undercover or any Disney channel movie i live in paso robles California i been wanting o be on Disney channel since i was little im 10 years old i have dark brown hair and brown eyes i’m 5 feet tall so please pick me to be on Disney channel this is my dream

  32. Xavier

    Hey my name xavier i would love to be on disney not because of fame because i want to perform in front of people. If i could be on Disney i would do whatever it takes

  33. brenda

    Hi my name is Brenda I am 13 years old I am black I come from Africa it has been my dream to be on Disney channel because my hero china Anne McClain is the one that encourage and never to give up so if I got a part it will be like a dream come true

  34. Alisha

    Hi am Alisha Smith am 17 am I would like to be on Disney channel thank you

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