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How Do You Quickly Get a California Entertainment Work Permit?

California Entertainment Work Permit –

Every minor working in the entertainment industry in California is required to have a California Entertainment Work Permit.  For those who need an entertainment work permit quickly, there is now (as of January 1, 2012) a faster, easier way to get a California Entertainment Work Permit.

This new temporary entertainment work permit is not only a help to the guardians and children who need a work permit quickly and from a location outside of California, but it is also an advantage for the employers desiring to hire these children.

I’ve previously discussed California Entertainment Work Permits in a number of posts, including “How Do You Get a Child Entertaiment Work Permit in Southern California?,”  “What’s New in the California Entertainment Work Permit Office?,” and “Where Is the Entertainment Work Permit Office in Van Nuys?”  Be sure to take a look at those and other posts in the Work Permit category for more on the topic of Entertainment Work Permits.

The basic process to get a California Entertainment Work Permit for a minor child is to:

  1. Download the work permit application.
  2. Fill out the application.
  3. Get the child’s school to fill out the school section (or attach an affadavit if the child is home schooled), or attach the most recent school grade report if school is not in session.
  4. Take the filled-out application plus any additional paper work (past work permit for renewals, birth certificate, etc. as stated on the permit application) to the work permit office. Alternately, mail it with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, but expect a return time of at least two weeks.

But if you are really in a hurry to get a work permit and/or you are not near the California Entertainment Work Permit office, what can you do? You’ll be glad to know that you now have an easier and faster option.

So, “How Can You Get a California Entertainment Work Permit Quickly?

Continue reading to learn about this expedited California Entertainment Work Permit.

A new law (Assembly Bill 1401) went into affect on January 1, 2012 to enable you to get a California Entertainment Work Permit more quickly and easily. This law allows guardians to apply for a temporary entertainment work permit for a minor online.

You can view more details on this on the Department of Industrial Relations website. You will see an option to

Apply for a 10-day Temporary California Entertainment Work Permit.

In order to get this expedited, 10-day temporary entertainment work permit,  the minor’s parent or guardian is required to complete the on-line application and pay a $50 permit fee.  The minor will then be allowed to start work immediately after this permit is granted.

Note that this expedited work permit is only allowed in certain circumstances such as when employment requires it. It is only a one-time work permit, so any subsequent work permits must be obtained following the standard entertainment work permit procedures. It is also not available for a child who has previously had a California Entertainment Work Permit.

According to Labor Commissioner Julie Su in a news release concerning this work permit, “The system also has an on-line verification that is secure and available for employers and studio teachers to verify the eligibility of a minor under this 10-day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit.”

The fees collected for these 10-Day Entertainment Work Permits will go to the Entertainment Work Permit Fund to pay administration costs associated with this program.

The application can be found on the Department of Industrial Relations’ web site:

Apply for 10-Day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit

One Current Issue with the 10-Day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit Process:

At this time (as of August 31, 2012), the temporary work permit site can only be used with Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0. The site states that they are working to expand to other browsers in the future.

So be sure you are using Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0 when you apply for this type of California Entertainment Work Permit or otherwise you will get an error and not be able to complete the application process.

To get information on this and many other topics related to the entertainment industry, fill out the form in the right sidebar with your name and email address.  And let me know if you have any questions.

To your success,

Debbie Sikkema



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  1. neha

    hi debbie
    i just want to say i am a big fan of yours and also if i want to be part of the programme thta you are gonna make do i have to pay

    also because my mom and dad don’t think that i am ready to act, so i really have to encourage them to make me an actor
    so would you please help me

    by the way i send you a message from yahoo, make sure you read it…..
    and i am 10 years old
    so do you think i am ready to become an actor cause i think i
    am ready

    pleaseeeeeeee help

    neha 🙁 😳

  2. neha

    hi debbie

    if i am on your programme free

    i am really looking forward to go to california
    it is my dream place 😐 😐

  3. Teresa Roberts

    Thanks to so much of the helpful information I’ve found on this blog I’ve been able to get head start on many things my daughter will need when we BEFORE we ever get to LA. Thanks to you I’ve already opened a coogan account @ Actors Federal Credit Union. And now I’ve submitted all her documents for a Work Permit for LA. I went to links you showed above. I found : https://permits.dir.ca.gov/ewp/EntertainmentPermitRequestSuccessForm.do

    They have a new process I though I’d let you know since its not mentioned above. Your can do it all Online now 🙂 You can apply for new or renew a permit. It was very easy. I filled out the information though there site. Uploaded the correct documents they needed though the same page and boom its done. I got an email saying they got all my forms and I’ll get follow up email in few days with information on how to Print her work permit.
    FYI I am a “Google Chrome” user and the only internet browser that supports their online process right now is IE. So I did have to open up use a different browser to make it work. But it saved time not to mail it and wait on it to be mailed back. Or even make a trip down there when we are in town!
    Thanks for your help!!!

  4. Teresa Roberts

    I just wanted follow up with my post from yesterday I applied for work permit online at 11:25 am and I’ve already gotten approval by today 12:58pm. I just downloaded a PDF and printed off. So it took little over 24 hours. I think that is VERY quick turn around for absolutely no inconvenience on me. Just though I’d pass along how quickly the online application works. Now, I’m sure certain times of year are probably busier than others but I’ll probably be renewing online after that quick and easy experience!

  5. Debbie Sikkema

    Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for all the information! Glad my site has been useful to you and that you have everything set up for your daughter.

    I created this post about getting the work permit online, but it had just started recently and could only be used in certain circumstances. It appears that it still has the issue with having to use certain versions of internet explorer as I tried to do it here on my mac and it won’t work!

    The online process originally was just for the 10-day permits and new permits only. Renewals and regular permits had to be done at the office still when I wrote this blog post. Is it now available for all work permits?

    I’ll have to look into this more and post on the latest with this. Since my daughter passed the CHSPE and got her Certificate of Proficiency she no longer needs a work permit, so I have not been to the site lately to check out what is new or how things are going with this. I would be renewing her permit in May this time if she had not passed the exam that she took in October to get her Certificate of Proficiency (to be able to work as an 18-year-old even though she is just 16).

    Thanks for reading and for posting this comment!


  6. Meleah

    Note that as of today 6/18/2014 the permit office online is about 3 weeks behind on issuing permits so online isn’t going to be very quick at the moment, and they discouraged me from getting a 10 day temp one. I was told that if everything is already submitted online then you don’t need to bring anything with you and should go to the office in Van Nuys located at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd, room 100 and can get it expedited and same day turnaround on the permit.

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