Feb 11

How Do You Get Auditions for Disney Channel?

A very common question young actors and their parents often ask is:  “How do you get auditions for Disney Channel?

For three years, my daughter was in a comedy and improv group called Giggle Gaggle. They had class and put on shows each week.

Not only was it fun, but it was great experience and training.  It helped prepare her for Disney auditions as well as other auditions.

While in this group, she had the opportunity to do comedy and improv on stage with David Henrie, star of Wizards of Waverly Place, and Sammi Hanratty, recurring guest-star on That’s So Raven and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. We now enjoy seeing them on the Disney Channel regularly.

So, exactly how do you get those coveted Disney auditions, and even more, land those career-launching jobs like your favorite Disney stars did?  While there are no magical answers to this question, there are things that you can do to increase your child’s chances of auditioning for Disney.

The most common way to get auditions for Disney Channel or Disney movies is to first get an agent.

While this really is the best way to get auditions for Disney, it is not the only way.

The following are some things that may help your child get auditions for Disney Channel:

  1. Submit your child for Disney projects on self-submission casting sites.
  2. Watch for and attend open calls in your area for Disney projects.
  3. Attend workshops, classes, or seminars with Disney casting directors.
  4. Try to get extra work on Disney projects.
  5. Take part in showcases where Disney Casting Directors may be in attendance.
  6. Participate in comedy/improv groups where there may be referrals or visitors.

Is it any wonder that so many children and teens want to be on Disney Channel or  in a Disney movie?  After all, there is, and always has been, something magical about anything Disney.

And it is certainly exciting to imagine achieving the fame and fortune of Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) or Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). But it is also important to understand that most Disney stars did not achieve that stardom overnight. It took a lot of hard work!

Now that you have a list of things to do to try to get Disney auditions, you may wonder where to start in accomplishing those tasks.

First of all, how do you go about doing self-submissions for Disney projects?  You need to join some online casting sites where auditions for Disney projects may be found and create a profile for your child on those sites.

The two most recommended casting sites where many legitimate audition postings are found are Casting Networks and Actors Access. These are the sites most often used by actors and their parents to view and submit for auditions.

I noticed several audition postings for Disney on the Casting Networks and Actors Access sites just this morning. For example, there is a posting for an advertisement for Radio Disney.

Keep in mind that most of the auditions listed on Casting Networks and Actors Access are located near big acting markets (e.g., LA, New York, Miami, …). Depending on your location and where the casting sessions are held, you might have to travel a long way to get to auditions and jobs at your own expense.

Sometimes there will be casting sessions at various locations (typically in fairly large cities) around the country, but they are less common.

There are a number of other sites that also have audition postings for actors with or without representation. Some of these sites may make the opportunities sound better than they are, so use caution and do your research before paying money to sign up on these sites.

One very important thing to keep in mind is to never pay money to audition for any jobs!

Sometimes there are open calls for Disney projects. I’ve recently heard about an open call in the LA Area which you can view along with other Disney acting auditions I’ve found in my Disney Acting Auditions section.  Just be prepared when you go to an open call for the reality that there will be many people there, you may have to wait a very long time, and you may not be seen at all.

That is why we sometimes not so affectionately call these open calls cattle calls.  So if you go to one, be careful and don’t get trampled!

There are casting directors who sometimes cast  for Disney that do classes, workshops, and seminars. While many of these are in the L.A. and New York areas, sometimes they are held at various locations around the country.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you might learn about one of these workshops or seminars to attend. Keep at mind that going to these in no way guarantees you any jobs or even any auditions for Disney.  It can, in certain cases, increase your chances for a Disney audition or job though.

You can always watch out for calls for extras for Disney projects.  You can sign up for extra work on various casting sites and watch for projects that are filming near you that might have calls for extras.

Being an extra on a Disney tv show can be fun, and in rare cases, if you grab the attention of the director, you might end up with an unscripted line or slightly bigger part than just an extra.

Showcases are sometimes held after an acting class completes to allow the class participants the chance to do scenes and/or monologues for industry guests. The invited guests for showcases might include casting directors who cast for Disney.

If this is something you are interested in, inquire about this before signing up for an acting class. But also understand that in this business there are typically no guarantees. Even if  industry guests are invited to showcases, they may not attend due to other commitments.

Your child can take various comedy and improv classes.  Sometimes the teachers have industry contacts such as Disney casting directors, producers, or directors and may invite them to guest-teach a class or to come in and watch the shows.

A casting director for a Disney project may call and ask for referrals from these classes and shows as well.

Watch in my upcoming posts for more on the topic of getting auditions for Disney Channel.  I’ll also discuss that very important topic, how to get an agent or manager — which really is the best way to get Disney Channel auditions.

Also, be sure to sign up for Your Young Actor’s Newsletter to get more in-depth information on getting auditions for Disney Channel as well as on many other topics of interest for you and your young actor.

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  2. Ashleigh

    Hi hi hi im Ashleigh and Im ten I would SOOOO love to be on disney channel I watch it thousands of times a day I love watching Jessie, antfarm and many more
    I hope I will get my own show I am even takeing acting classes this year I am from england and wishing I could live in america! Just like all disney stars! I wish to meet Sterling Knight, Debby Ryan , China anne Maclane (Sorry if I didnt spell Chinas Last Name Incorrect!) Well bye!

  3. Katherine Marsh

    I love disney channel, I watch it everyday ! I would love to be on disney channel !!!!!! I have acting experience and I am also taking drama class at school. It would be a dream to be on tv again. I used to be a baby model but the company closed down. I would love to be excepted and acting again!!!!!!

  4. Ben

    Hi I’m Ben oloughlin im ten would love to be on Disney channeling watch it every day I take drama classes and I really want to be on Disney channel

  5. NJ friz

    :mrgreen: Hello my name is noah. And I would thank you if I would be on disney channel. If not then thx anyway. If you can, can u put me on something else like something like a movie like Percy Jackson or harry potter. I’m young and I am really fight for funny scrips and have a bakround history in acting. THANKS 🙂

  6. mariah leal

    hi my name is mariah and im 9..i would love love love! to be on the disney channel..im smart ..funny cute..and pretty…someone please help me and my mommy make me famous”)

  7. samia khan

    Hi my name is samia and I am 11 years old. I always wanted to be on disney channel. I am funny , fun to play with, do volunteer work, good singer, good actor, good dancer, really flexible, really active, I always make someone feel better, I play the violin, and I always help my mom to clean since she is still working on her divorce with my dad.

  8. Abraham khan

    Hi my name is Abraham Khan younger brother of Samia. I always wanted to be on disney channel with my sister. I am active, fun, funny, cool, helpful, do volunteer work with my sister, good singer, good actor, try to make people feel better, I never give up since I have my mom, and sister.

  9. Neysa Voss

    Hello my name is Neysa Dionna Voss and i am 13 years old. I really would like to become an actress for disney channel or any movies really. I would like to be an actress while i’m still a kid or teen. My family is struggling a lot on our house and stuff.
    I have been in a play or two sorry i don’t have much experience.
    Well i hope this will get sent through and i hope you accept me.
    Neysa Voss 🙂

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  11. quintarra thomas

    hey my name is Quintarra and i am in super love with disney channel i don’t miss a show on ther but if i do i would cry but when i get home from school i watch it all day.I would love to be on disney because it’s a lifetime dream i started watching disney channel when i turned 5. I WANT TO BE ON THERE SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD but if i wasnt chosen i would cry all week.SO can you please try me out and i won’t let you down

  12. Mikayla

    Hey name is mikayla I watch disney channel almost every day I see these great actors my biggest dream is to on disney channel ! Please

  13. Tanya

    Hi Disney Channel. My name is Tanya. I’m 13 years old. I would like to become an actress. I can sing and dance. Contact: and my number:


    i love disney channel but i wish they show how to get a audishion im a young actors iv just been able to do school plays i would love to be able to a job on disney channel

  15. brandy chester

    I am 13 years old. I have been in a couple of plays. I can sing, and dance a little. I am interested in fiding out about a acting job on the Disney Channel if you are interested please contact me or my parents at 870-415-1209. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Brandy Chester

  16. Jessica

    Hi my name is Jessica I am 12 years old and would love to be on disney channel its my dream but I’m from the uk how and I supposed to audition my parents might take me Florida next this year but there might not be auditions I hear ur supposed to go California and meet with the head of the studios but yeh it’s my dream and how do I achive it ??

  17. naomi ruth woodjenkins

    hi my name is Naomi and I am 14 years old i want to be an actress on Disney channel because I am really good at it i can make myself cry i would really love for you to please answer me back but please not with this email because its not working for some reason so can you answer me back on this thank you and bye.

  18. meaujae

    hi my name is meaujae jenkins and am fan of disney channel ever since i was a little girl my fav show was hannah montana and soon i saw that show it inspire me to be actress on disney channel……

  19. Romaine

    Hi my name is Romaine.I am 13 years old. I Live in england.I would love to be on disney channel not only for the fame. Acting is something I always enjoy doing and I hop someday I would be given that opportunity to do what I always wanted to. Thanks for all the information am sure it will help me a lot thanks.

  20. Sajida

    heyy, Im a 10 year old who loves to sing, music is my passion and I really love to act, I really wish I got a job on disney channel

  21. Paudie

    Yo im Paudie Kelly (Paudster) Iove Jessie it would be awsome if i was the next adopted kid

  22. Kayla

    AHi my name is Kayla i’am 11 i love to watch the Disney movies but i have been really hoping one day to be in one like cory in the house , Icarly , Victorious , sam an cat an a lot more but one day i Hope i will star in Jessie or one of them

  23. arti

    hi i am arti i am 12 years old and always dream about becoming an actress my favorite thing to do and you know what they say we have big changes in are lives that are more less a second chances….i always want to be on any show as long as my dream come true

  24. jamirah

    Hello my name is Jamirah Williams and i am 13 years old born in the month of august ive been doing school plays since kinder (now in eigth) but started the whole drama class sessions in the 4 th grade ive always loved acting dancig and singing wich i know im not a good singer an ideaall unless it comes to adele well at least that is what im told i really hater bragging but im try to say things about myself that would make people get an idea of what im like well anyways i have been lead role 4 years in a row (2-6) . when in the seventh grade i decide to play the trombone in the school band and got offered to play with the senior band class but i had to turn it down because it was 700 dollars to do the camp but ive always got the next year i am the middle child of five and i really dont get much attention but i get that they have other problems to other then mine. so i wanted to join disney so i could help in the family to feel a little more noticed and also to get my sister noticed because she can sing well and she loves to joke around and have fun but she gets stressed real easy and loves her sports. when she sings you can telln she really wants to but jokes around with so she wont be embarressed she was going to audition for american idol but kept harrasing herself saying that she wasnt any good. and shes very amazing in volleyball and shes trying to get a scholarship but are school is not good enough to be notice we live in a real small town. but its not jjust for me i wanna be a dinsey star , yes acting is most of my life but i also want to do it for my family even though i act as though i dont give a care in the world its somewhere in there. no im not the smarest kid in science or history but i would do any ng to be a disney star. WELL BYE !!!
    PS.Sorry for talking so much oh and by the way im a zayn liuum harry luver one day its my dream to meet them for some reason when i talk about harry its like a crazed fan feeling like austin mahone but its almost like relate to him im shy and when i see someone in need i feel like i should do something for them when someone is nervous i will just kind of give them a pat on the back a hug and tell them to get out there and encourage them i realize harry and could never work out since im 13 and hes 19 but only if i could give him a kiss on the cheek and say thanks for everything going out your way to do things sometime somebody needs to give him a pat on the back cause i m pretty sure hes nervous to
    oh sorry i over talked alright thats it


  25. Tyson

    I’m multitalented , I love music & I would love to make my dream of being a famous actor come true . Contact me at 1-706-286-0750

  26. Abigail

    Hi! I’m Abigail I’m 11 and really want to be a Disney channel actress. I love music, drama, singing and making people laugh

  27. Abigail

    I forgot to say that I would LOVE to be in Jessie or Austin and Ally. Those r my two favorite movies.

  28. Jordyn Bryan

    Ok, I have been in a short film (lead role) , 5 plays , 3 commercials, and other little things like modeling at the mall. I know you guys (if you even read this hehe) have heard SO MANY TIMES, but I would really enjoy being on Disney Channel (doesn’t have to be a lead role, being and extra is very fine for me). From Jordyn Bryan, 10 years old (I look like I’m 12 though).

  29. Rebeca Hart

    Im 9 years old I want to be on Disney sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I want to be a singer & actrss

  30. Katy

    Hi my name is Katy and i would soo love to be on disney channel ive always wanted to be an actress but i dont know if i should choose nick or disney. Anyways im trying to take acting classes because i have no experiences and i like making people laugh and im fun to be around i really hope thus gets sent throught thank you.

  31. Katy

    Hi my name is Katy im 11 years old and i would soo love to be on disney channel ive always wanted to be an actress but i dont know if i should choose nick or disney. Anyways im teirying to take acting classes because i have no experiences and i like making people laugh and im fun to be around i really hope thus gets sent throught thank you.

  32. Katy

    Hi my name is Katy im 11 years old and i would soo love to be on disney channel ive always wanted to be an actress but i dont know if i should choose nick or disney. Anyways im teirying to take acting classes because i have no experiences and i like making people laugh and im fun to be around i really hope thus gets sent throught thank you.

  33. Drayden

    Hi I’m Drayden Robertson I’m 12 years old I love Disney Channel movies and I think that I can make great Disney Channel movie for the futsher I have a good friend Angela Blanchered and she has a cousin Rowan Blanchered and she is a Disney Channel star she is in the new show Girl Meets World and i can help but wonder if that can be me one day so im doing this to see if I had a chance my phone number is (580)-402-1808. So if your willing to give me a chance call.

  34. Alexus Thompkins

    Hey! I am 13 years old and I’ve been wanting to be on disney channel for a very long time now. I just don’t know where or how to get started. I wanted to take acting lessons because i have no experience but my family doesn’t have mony for that. I feel I deserve to be on disney channel because I love making my family laugh and I would like to make the whole world laugh. Thank you and have a good day.

  35. Emily Kingsbury

    Hi my name is Emily Kingsbury I am 15 years old I live in Houston texas and I love Disney channel. I watched sooo many Disney shows like suite life of zack and cody , suite life on deck, Hannah Montana, that’s so raven, jessie, lab rats, lissy migure, ant farm, good luck Charlie, shake it up, wizards of waverly place, phil of the futre, and cory in the house.im taking theater this year and I love to see people smile and laugh and Disney always takes me to a land of magic and wonder that is what I love most about disney

  36. naomi canadel blazze

    hy hey heyy!! am naomi.c.blazze and am a fan of disney and would so love to be on disney.. am 15 years old and live at africa.. i would love to be like my favorite disney star@zendeya colomen.. sometimes people do say i act like zendeya when i know i dont#lolz#.. my biggest dream would be to be on disney.. my family will so love for me to be on disney cause i do act out sme episode of my favorite disney movie… i love dancin,singin,actin and learnin how to play the instrument… i dont have any experience yet but gonna start takin actin lesson..i dont just want to be on disney just because i wanna be famous but because i love disney channel and love to act.. so many teens or kid would do anything to be on disney because thats their favorite channel,and have role models they look up to just like me.. and we can never stop dreamin till it come true..I know that they are alot of caomment to read but just hope you read mine..*_*.. bye:

  37. Jordyn Bryan

    Hey, I’m Jordyn Bryan and your watching Disney channel. I’m ten, African American, 5.1. Many commercials and plays. Mini movies ( short films – main role). I would love to be an extra with lines from there I’ll start on my way to a movie star (top actress). Ps. Names Jordyn Bryan.

  38. Jordyn Bryan

    I’m 11 and I look like I’m can be any age accept like 15 and up. I have had training and Iill be grateful till the end of time if you let me be even a extra on Disney channel.

  39. lineke

    hi my name is lineke call me victoria thx acting and singing is my life i cant ever live without acting and singing its how i am it my worl when i act and sing its like the world stoped it me i i cant be mw without my sisnging please pick me im 10 i have brown haire and browan eyes brown skin i gues tan and its how i am i live in panama and thx i cant explain how much it means to make im friendly i wanna make people smile and happy like people make and well want people to be proude of me and kow i could make id do anything wouldent let you dowan try my hardest i like singing and disneys my dream and climbing wall dancing acting everything just breang me joy ill do anything to make my dreams come true i dont wanna be famouse for money or anything its me wanna me people proude smile happy my best singer are rowan blanchared and sabrina carpenter and idele are so priity when i get older ill get a better voice thaks its my chance to prove i could do it i could be in any roll and work all i got it would be my aportonity to go in the world ill move i jut waanna make people happy an d proud my parents have friends all over world and were christns and not going to change dont pick me beaccue im despret beacuse this is ill try anything to do my dream i would wanna be in the DISNEY FAMILLY IT WOULD BE AN HOUNOR it my life i wanna be part of this family how is amzing and makes people prode and smiley and happy and well this is all i can say this is my heart th its my life and i love doing anything to get my dream going

  40. Shirelle

    Hi my name is Shirelle and I am 12 Manny friend make movies and we think that we should become actresses and we would like to start at Disney channel

  41. Alexis Cooper

    Hi, My name’s Alexis and I’m 11 years old. I have always loved acting, singing, and dancing. Every day I practice and get better and better? I hope to someday be an actress. But there is a very small chance it is going to happen. Yet I am still hopefull

  42. fatty

    hi i am awesome and you people are so not getting to disney

  43. Dayannara Moales

    Hi I love Disney channel and I just
    Turned 11 I also think it is funny
    I love to act it has been my dream
    Ever since I was 6 I was to afraid to
    Tell any one I love acting

  44. Trinity malek

    Hi my name is trinity and I’m 12 years old I take acting and drama classes I can play french horn and I’ve gone to 3 honor bands and a parade.i can dance and sing also.i really hope I can be on Disney channel.ive been in many plays.

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